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About us

Inaugurated in 2010, FVK – Fábrica de Vidros Kikolo is a point of reference in the history of the glass processing industry in Angola.

Located in the commune of Kikolo, municipality of Cacuaco in Luanda, it was the first and only factory with an oven equipped with a tempering system for flat glass in Angola and one of the few on the African continent.

Our mission is to be an innovative company, capable of providing products quickly, efficiently and with quality.

We work daily with the aim of meeting the needs of the Customer, to provide glass with international quality, on time and at competitive budgets.

We are a company with responsibility, not only in social terms, but also in environmental terms, strictly complying with the environmental standards that are today a duty of any industry.

Our services

Thanks to continuous investment, FVK is a pioneer in flat glass processing. It is the only glass processor in the country with the capacity to meet all the requirements of the domestic market.

In addition to the transformation, we carry out the installation whenever the Client requests it. To this end, we have in our technical staff specialized personnel for this purpose.

In our Technical Department, we also have specialized personnel to advise our Customers on the glass that best suits their needs.

We are a company that focuses on the development of national industry, guaranteeing more than 40 direct jobs.