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Necessary care for the maintenance and cleaning of your windows

  • Protect glass from any contamination caused by materials and/or methods used during construction, e.g. dust, steel rust, etc. These can stain, scratch or damage the glass;
  • Clean it regularly and avoid corrosive or aggressive cleaning products. Simply spray a mixture of soap and water onto a soft sponge, followed by a soft, non-abrasive cleaning cloth to buff it dry;
  • Avoid cleaning the windows in direct sunlight to avoid streaks;
  • When cleaning, avoid that the products come into contact with the edges of the glass, insulating units or mirrors;
  • Avoid extreme temperature changes in the glass. Extreme temperatures can cause thermal shock which, in turn, can cause thermal fracture;
  • Do not ignore chips and small cracks. A chip or even a scratched surface can weaken the glass and subsequently cause the entire piece to shatter.